5 Day Turbomachinery Design with AxSTREAM



The program consists of 2 independent parts; you can choose one of them or register for both:


Part 1 AxSTREAM Interactive Workshop on Turbomachinery Flow Path Design and Optimization.

The AxSTREAM Workshop provides the participants with a practical understanding of design and optimization of flow paths for turbomachinery equipment using AxSTREAM. During this interactive, hands-on workshop the engineers will use the AxSTREAM software to successfully perform preliminary design of turbomachinery flow paths, inverse and direct 1D/2D analysis and optimization, 3D profiling/stacking of the airfoils, 3D FEA and CFD, and export of results to 3D CAD programs. The training includes break-out sessions, one-on-one design consultation with SoftInWay experts and review of actual test cases. Each attendee can choose a particular track of study based on his/her specific interests (click the link for detailed course outline):

Axial and radial turbomachinery (comprehensive overview),

Axial turbine,

Axial compressor,

Radial turbine,

Centrifugal compressor,

Retrofitting and performance upgrades.


Part 2 Advanced CAD Modeling Techniques

This course is designed for an engineer who has basic knowledge in common CAD system. 
At the completion of this course the student will productively develop solid models, detail drawings, and product assemblies. The class introduces assembly modeling in the context of a real-life scenario that includes parts modeled by the student as well as part models that have already been created. Content to be covered:

  • Modeling theory
  • Edit solid features
  • Expression creation
  • Master model process
  • Create and edit annotation
  • CAD/CAM theory
  • Introduction to assemblies
  • Reference features
  • Basic assembly modeling
  • Mating conditions
  • Define parametric relationships
  • Capturing design intent
  • Create primitive and swept solids
  • Solids information
  • Introduction to sketcher
  • Create and edit drawings
  • Freeform modeling


Who Should Attend

  • Engineers involved in the turbomachinery design and optimization process who are looking for ways to improve the design process and increase production speed.
  • Engineers who are interested in breaking into the field of turbomachinery and want to learn the fundamentals of preliminary flow path design and optimization as well as receive a free 1 month trial of the leading turbomachinery design and analysis software suite.
  • Engineering professionals interested in learning more about the capabilities of the AxSTREAM Suite.
  • Engineering and Turbomachinery Scholars interested in learning about the new AxSTREAM Suite features and their impact on the field of Turbomachinery.
  • Engineering students interested in being early adopters of the next generation of turbomachinery optimization tools and learning in depths about the capabilities of AxSTREAM, the Gold Standard in the field of preliminary flow path design.