Technical Services

Moldflow Analysis Service for Plastic Injection Molding

• Decision of best gating location, optimizing runner design
• Fill time calculation
• Pressure distribution
• Meltline analysis
• Sink mark analysis
• Air traps
• Causes of warpage and shirkage
• Cooling circuit optimization
• Cooling time calculation


Die Casting Analysis

• Filling Pattern
• Solidification process
• Shot cylinder Simulation
• Cool process
• Thermal die cycling calculation
• Air entrapment identification
• Track of oxide
• Porosity prediction


Linear Stress Analysis

• Linear stress and deflection analysis
• Static or Dynamic linear vibration analysis
• Failure analysis based on yielding

Non-Linear Stress Analysis

• Non-linear stress and deflection analysis
• Non-linear vibration analysis
• Non-linear failure analysis based on fracture

Marine Piping Engineering

• Pipe Stress Analyses
• Fluid Flow Analyses
• Piping Arrangement Drawings


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