Radial and Mixed-flow Turbomachinery Design

What is CFturbo?

Image description CFturbo is a modern, powerful software platform to design various types of radial and mixed-flow turbomachinery interactively. The software is very easy-to-use and it does enable designers and engineers either to start from scratch or to re-design given 3D geometries. The user just has to put in main operating point data like head, pressure ratio, speed, volume or mass flow rate and some fluid data. Rapidly there can be created high-quality, reasonable 3D-shapes for impellers, volutes and diffusers. Our slogan “… from design point to 3d in a few minutes” is reality. Direct interfaces available for all major CAD-systems and CAE-packages allow further development and evaluation of Turbomachinery components designed by CFturbo.

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Available modules

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  • Rapid design of high-quality turbomachinery components
  • Integration of established turbomachinery design theory
  • Comfortable, reliable and user friendly
  • Direct interfaces for many CAE-software packages
  • Comprehensive and detailed documentation manual
  • Unrivalled price


Role of CFturbo in a turbomachinery design process

CFturbo software does enable a very fast generation of new high-quality geometries. It can substantially increase the performance of your product development activities by giving an excellent possibility to integrate the models into a CAE driven design and optimization process.


General Pump impeller Ventilator impeller Compressor impeller Turbine impeller Volute Manual


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