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AxSTREAM – Today's Design Technology for Rapid Turbomachinery Development

Flow path design has always been the cornerstone of the turbomachinery design process, be it for new concepts or retrofitting/upgrading the existing units. Each percentage improvement in capacity and/or efficiency means money for your customer and a competitive edge for your products and services.

The AxSTREAM suite of multidisciplinary design, analysis and optimization software provides an integrated and streamlined solution that encompasses the complete process of conceptual flow path design for both radial and axial turbomachinery (turbines, compressors, fans, blowers, turbopumps etc).

Starting from preliminary design (calculating basic cylinder performance from a few simple parameters), AxSTREAM proceeds through inverse and direct 1D analysis, 2D axisymmetric analysis, planes sections profiling, 3D profiling of the airfoils, finite element analysis, then to export of the results to 3D CFD programs. AxSTREAM is professional turbomachinery design software that reduces the engineering cycle from months to weeks and from weeks to days.

AxSTREAM is constructed on a modular foundation so it is ideally suited to be a complete stand-alone preliminary design tool or complement and enhance your current PD tools.

Click on any of the links below to discover more about key features and benefits of AxSTREAM. Interested in seeing how AxSTREAM would analyze and optimize one of your designs? Just try our Test Case Analysis.

1. Axial/Radial Turbine

What is Turbine

Turbine is mainly used to extract energy in power generation (power plant). Axial turbine requires more moving parts, hence more complex. However, it has large power output Radial turbine is relatively simple in structure, higher efficiency. But when output power becomes large, it becomes less attractive

Image descriptionAxial Turbine

For large power generation plant (output power>5MW), axial turbine is recommended.


Image descriptionRadial Turbine

For small power generation plant (output power<5MW), radial turbine is suggested
Small radial turbine for automation, eg. turbo-charger.

Axial/Centrifugal Compressor

What is Compressor

Compressor is the device used to add energy to either gas or fluid. Compressor requires external power to drive it.

Axial Compressor

  • Axial compressor has high efficiency, large compression ratio;
  • It is more complex, more moving parts and more expensive;
  • Axial xompressor can be found in medium to large gas turbine engines; natural gas pumping stations, and within certain chemical plants;



Image descriptionCentrifugal Compressor

  • Centrifugal compressor are primarily used for continuous, stationary service in industries;
  • It is less complex, less moving parts and less expensive;
  • Centrifugal compressor can be found in oil, natrual gas, chemical and petrochemical plants. Flow rate is in the range of 5500 NM3/hr;


Applications - Power Generation

Image description

  • Axial turbine is used in large power generation (>5MW power output);
  • Radial Turbine is used for small scale power generation;


Applications - Aerospace

Image description

  • Axial compressor for large scale gas turbine engine;
  • Radial compressor for small scale engine;
  • Axial turbine is commonly used for both large/small scale engine;


Applications - Oil & Gas

Image description

  • Axial/ centrifugal compressor are used in oil and gas exploration, processing and transmission;
  • Centrifugal compressor is more common due to its continuous capability;