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Blades Design and Optimization with AxSTREAM

Samples of blades and vanes below give some insight of turbomachinery 3D-blading design with AxSTREAM. The scope of profiles covers all blade types including ones with variable along height sweep, lean, and twist. Advanced blade design technology used by SoftInWay allows acceleration of turbomachinery blade design process, providing aerodynamically perfect profiles and improving turbine/stage performance.

Gas turbine 3D profiles
Conventional 1st stage stator vane 1st stage stator vane with sweep (axial stacking) 1st stage stator vane with lean (tangential stacking) Tapered L-1 rotor blade.
Steam turbine 3D profiles
L-1 stator vane with lean (axial stacking) L-0 stator vane with lean (axial stacking) Twisted and tapered L-0 rotor blade. H=43.31" Bowed (dihedral) and tapered L-1 stator vane (with sweep and lean)
Centrifugal compressor without splitters Radial turbine rotor

Engaging our core and context in-house products capabilities together with industry accepted tools, we provide high efficiency and durability of designed components in a time- and cost-effective manner.