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Axial Gas & Steam Turbine Design

Key Features and Benefits
  • The scope of axial turbine design and analysis: flow path of Curtis and Rateau stages, flow paths with multiple flows, mixed flow (axial/radial) flow path, multi-section flow path, flow path with counter-rotating rotors.
  • Axial turbine flow path design "from scratch" using a handful of basic parameters such as entry pressure, enthalpy/temperature, exit pressure/capacity and some geometric constrictions.
  • Enhancement and optimization of radial and axial dimensions of a stage.
  • Suitable for new axial turbine design, analysis of existing turbomachinery design, analysis and optimization for retrofit/upgrades.
  • Interactive adjustment of Mollier Diagram, interactive design of turbomachinery flow path meridional dimensions with instant performance recalculation.
  • Design and analysis of cooled gas turbine.
  • Pressure/Suction and Camber/Thickness profiling methods with interactive editing and 3D profile stacking including lean and sweep control.
  • Corporate-value features turbine/stage/profile/material database generation and exploration of corporate network.
  • Pressure/Suction and Camber/Thickness profiling methods with interactive editing and 3D profile stacking.
  • Loadable custom-defined fluid models and loss models.
  • Powerful meanline analysis of multistage axial turbine with the help of as-designed and off-design operational conditions.
  • Throughflow analysis of large-sized blade stages and lean/twist optimization.
  • Integrated multidisciplinary optimizer based on design-of-experiment (DoE) methodology capable of developing gas and steam turbine characteristics curves and searching for optimal solution of multi-criteria problems.
  • Easy and versatile copy and paste function to add and delete axial turbine stages, and to import the results of design from one project to another.
  • Performance map generation.
  • Capability to export 3D gas and steam turbine blade geometry in formats acceptable for NUMECA, CFX and Fluent CFD solvers and in IGES format for CAD/CAE packages.
  • Express 3D structural and modal analysis (including Campbell diagram) of axial turbine blade via embedded FEA module with automatic mesh generation – AxSTRESS.
  • 3D CFD flow analysis via embedded CFD calculation solver AxCFD with automatic mesh generation and post-processing of obtained results.
  • Flow charts and charts for blade loading on Profiling module.